Notebook for the entire data science team

Miksi empowers data product teams at every step of development: planning, building, and documenting—all in one place.

  • Free for individual users and small teams
  • Basic compute instance included
  • Engaged stakeholders (not included, but implied)

Explore together

Best solutions start with why: define the product with teammates and reveal assumptions. Move your conversations with collaborators from email to Miksi instantly.

  • Invite others to discuss code & output in threaded comments
  • Export or embed visuals and the model output
  • Maintain data dictionary

Iterate & document

Your code and docs, all in one place. Miksi helps you and your team to retain the knowledge.

  • Easily document as you work
  • Keep track of changes, decisions, and versions of your work
  • Integrate with Jira, Confluence, Git, Slack
data dictionary

Rapidly prototype & expose models over an API*

Empowered data scientists ship. Rapidly prototype & expose models over an API to test them in production before committing to large-scale deployments.

  • Auto-generate APIs
  • Integrate with 3rd party services
  • Monitor performance and iterate

*This feature is on the long-term roadmap




Starter FREE

For small teams and solo professionals

  • 2 editors
  • Collaborative notebooks
  • Free compute instance
  • 5Gb of storage
  • Git integration
  • Unlimited free viewers 
  • Community support 

Team  $80 editor/mo 

For established and growing data teams  

  • Everything in Starter  
  • Jira & Slack integrations 
  • Shareable code snippets 
  • Data dictionary 
  • API generator (roadmap)
  • User permissions 
  • Unlimited version history 
  • Early access to all our upcoming features 

Supported by Entrepreneur First. Made in Toronto.

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